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Tailor-made Wage Portage

a modern and flexible solution
for freelancers and their clients

Wage portage is the solution that allows freelancers and the companies that mandate them to focus on the agreed assignments by eliminating risks and administrative hassles.

Freedom of Contract

The Freelancer and his Client agree on the assignment, content, duration, and rate, hourly or daily. We take care of the rest.

Focus on the Assignment

The Freelancer and the Client can concentrate on the assignement, a win-win solution.

Flexibility and Transparency

Our offer adapts to each particular situation. We take care of all the administration, in complete transparency.

Compliance with Swiss Legislation

We have the necessary authorisations and operate in strict compliance with the Swiss Labour and Employment Services Act (LSE).

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wage portage in Switzerland:
how does it work?

wage portage includes various services

SPS provides a full service solution

SPS takes care of the contracts

An Assignement Contract is signed between SPS and the Freelancer who thus becomes its employee, in compliance with the Swiss regulations.
A Service Rental Contract corresponding to the assgnement agreed with the freelancer is signed between SPS and the Client.

The days worked are entered on a secured private portal.

The Freelancer enters the days worked on a secure portal. The Customer then validates the days worked on the same portal.
At fixed term, at the end of the month or at the end of the assignement, SPS sends an invoice to the Client and pays the Freelancer.

A dashboard permanently informs the Freelancer and the Customer about the assignments.

A permanently accessible dashboard allows the Freelancer and his Client to have a clear view on the assignment's progress and those completed.

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