Perfect Social Security Coverage for Freelancers

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Wage portage offers a lot of advantages

independence with true coverage

For a limited cost of 5%, the wage portage provided by SPS enables Freelancers to  benefit from full social security coverage in the event of illness, accident, and unemployment.

The Freedom of the Independent

The Freelancer and his Client agree on the assigenment, content, duration, and rate, hourly or daily. We take care of the rest.

The Benefits of an Employee

Sickness and accident coverage, preservation of unemployment rights. A la carte pension contributions.

Flexibility and Transparency

Our offer adapts to each particular situation. We take care of all the administration, in complete transparency.

Compliance with Swiss Legislation

We have the necessary authorisations and operate in strict compliance with the Swiss Labour and Employment Services Act (LSE).

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what you need to know about wage portage

the Swiss social protection framework and system

a relatively complex system

SPS takes care of the work permit application process

In order to be able to work in Switzerland, a foreign worker must obtain a Swiss work permit,
SPS will handle the application on your behalf, for as long as you are eligible.

Swiss social security coverage

The Swiss social protection system consists of several elements:
- Old Age & Survivors' Insurance (OASI)
- Disability Insurance (AI)
- Maternity loss of earnings insurance (APG)
- occupational pension provision (LPP; 2nd pillar)
- optional individual pension provision (3rd pillar)
- occupational and non-occupational accident insurance (AA)
- Unemployment Insurance (UI)
- family benefits (AF)
With the exception of the 3rd pillar, all these insurances are compulsory.


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